Everyone can have a blog business-here’s how

Everyone can have a blog business-here’s how

Everywhere you look  everyone has a website with a blog. Authors have them, real estate agents have them, heck, even mommy types have them. But what is it about blogs that’s still working in this heavy-duty noise-rich Internet? 

 Surfing is at a low these days. Everyone is using their apps and social media sites to get their info. The highest surfed sites are those shopping sites where everyone wants to buy something.

So, once again, we are asking the question…what can I do to get more traffic to my blog? 

Well, it depends on why you are blogging. 

If you are just doing the blogging thing to have a place to put your personal thoughts and opinions, you can skip reading any further. 

If you are trying to get more traffic, gain more interest in your platform, have more readers to your work, then…here lies a list for you…

For the ones who want to have a blog as a business

  1. Get authority about your item of interest. If you are a writer…ya gotta have some books out there. If you are a health and fitness person, you better be a product of your product.
  2. Monetize your blog and get $$ out of it. This will also build your authority. Try Google adsense if you are just getting started and make it really work for you.

Ways to make a blog into a business

  1. Write books. This makes you an authority on the subject matter you want to have your blog to be about. It also is a separate but important part of the business because it builds in income that you only have to do the work for once.
  2. Turn your ebook into a print book and/or an audio book. There is a huge market for all types of content methods there days. 
  3. Create a membership site or a Facebook group around the theme of your blog. Develop relationships with people with your particular bent.
  4. Sell courses. If you are an authority in your subject, you can TEACH others how to do what you are doing. Courses and webinars are all the rage these days.
  5. Be a consultant or coach on your subject. Everyone wants someone to be in their corner when it comes to things that they are trying to accomplish in life. You may be the very one person to help them achieve their goals.
  6. Say you are a crafty person…you don’t have a service, you have a product. No problem. SELL SELL SELL. There are a ton of sites that sell items – especially handmade. This is a great way to turn your fav blog topics into cash!

The list goes on. I hope this has helped you think about how you can turn your blog into a piggy bank.

If you have a blog that you want to see made into a business, share the link below!




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