Personal Post: Weekend thoughts

Personal Post: Weekend thoughts

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. –Joseph Campbell

This is a personal post!

Love costs nothing, but has great dividends.

I have stumbled through the weekend, and now I sit contemplating the whole 70 hours or so. So how does it feel?

  • I’m proud to have not been on the Internet as much. But it meant not having my access to all things literary. I didn’t check blogs, or surf.
  • People keep asking “Did you hear?” and I have to tell them YES! And I don’t want to “hear” anymore. The tragedy that happened over the weekend sickens me to the point of a headache. When will we stop this violence?
  • I need help with my air conditioner.   We returned home to a hot house and found that our big machine upstairs in the utility area is turning on and right back off. So we cut power to the whole organization until we can get help out here. 
  • My self-discovery is continuing. I am enjoying the ability to focus on my breathing, my ability to walk or run, and the beauty that is entering all my faculties, sight, sound, smell, and taste. 
  • My newfound internal focus is helping me to actually discover items about characters that I want to write about. It’s amazing how clearer you hear their voices when you turn off the world.
  • The air in my car is also not working as well as it should. I usually do not use it in the car unless it is in the 90s outside, and well, it is this week. So…

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Concentrate on the lovelier parts of our life. Spend time with some flowers – breathe deeply- contemplate the clouds. And send out good solid positivity into the world around you for peace and lovingkindness to abound.

I will have more less personal posts later this week. I am just feeling a little introspective today. Thanks for indulging me.

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