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It’s gonna happen, making it happen

Have you ever told yourself this will happen. It’s gonna happen. Or…We will make it happen? Yeah, me too. It’s a daily thing with me.

So, now that I have book two Yew to a Kill out, I am turning thoughts and hands to books three and four. I would love to see them both out this year.

Someone recently asked me how I managed to stay on track with getting book two out in just about 90 days…which of course led to me think about a blog post. It’s not easy folks, and fortunately for me, the book was already written. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if I had to WRITE it, EDIT it, and PRODUCE it inside of 90 days. Not gonna happen in my world.

I know there are authors who manage this all the time, though. They are usually full-time writers who have help getting other lifestyle things managed by their hubby. I don’t have the luxury of not working a real day job, and my hubby is a cancer patient so…not gonna happen in my world.

But here are a few items that I think might aid you, if you are one of those contemplating getting a book out four times a year …

It all starts with the first line
Start with your first line…just start writing. It is a very small thing to do in reality…but offers you the best chance of success if you want to write 4 books a year. Or, less. Still takes that first line to send you off on the writing journey.

Only work on the one thing
This helps me the most when I am in writer mode. Do NOT try to promote a book, write another book, and edit a third. You should put all your focus on the task at hand. If you are writing – then write. Pick different days of the week for different tasks, or just finish the writing before tackling the other things.

Make it a habit
If you want to write, then write. Don’t talk about writing. Do it. Make it a habit every day. The first cup of coffee is spent at the keyboard. Just like I am doing now *Smile* It takes daily repetition to make a habit so get busy!

I still have company right now so I may be AFK for a few more days. June is shaping up to be a great month for readers though!

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