Poll: What keeps you from success?


We have been talking about ideas and what makes a successful one. And what to do with them once you have cornered one. Here are a few questions to help you with idea creation and hopefully give you success, when you are out of ideas.

Success questions

  • What’s good in your life right now? Write about that.
  • Are you successful in your relationship? What did you do right? Someone else might want to know
  • Do you love the city you live in? Why? Tell someone who might want to move there

And that is just a sampling of topics to get the ball rolling. If you want some great fiction ideas, turn what you are thinking about into a fictional character’s life.

  • What is bad in this person’s life? What would make it worse?
  • Are they single but don’t want to be? How will they look for a partner?
  • Is the city they live in full of danger and suspense? Write from that angle

I keep hearing people say that they have trouble coming up with SUCCESSFUL ideas. We never know what will be successful until we take action on it.

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and then decide if it will be something that can stand the test of time.

A few other ways to start your idea flow… do this either for yourself, for a non-fic, or for fiction.

Idea Flow

1. Give your character (or yourself) a personality test. Find out WHO and WHAT they are about.
2. Find out what skills they have(you have). When you know what they like to do, you can write about them and what they do more efficiently.
3. Do an interview with your character (or yourself). Pretend you are a reporter trying to get into their head.

You never know what will get your ideas running like a faucet.

Here is a short poll to see what you think are the reasons you cannot find success with your ideas.

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