Ideas and change equal creation

Ideas and change equal creation

I made a list of items (ideas) I’m currently working on and things that I could probably work on in the future to up my cash flow. As you know, I have my Writer Groupie website, my personal website, my videography company, the social media sites, and 5 other things that I’ve scoped out and done some checking on. I have 8 things in the wings that could probably help me get to my lifestyle reboot sooner.
It’s trying to take in all 8 “ideas” at once that is killing my flow – I think that’s my adult ADD kicking in. I’ve had this problem ever since junior high when we first started changing classes. Where was the A hall? B hall? C hall? Study Hall?

Ideas–Change can be good change can be good change can be…

Now that I “adult” (I do some days!) It’s easy to see that if you want to succeed while working on your own idea spread, you have to group a few of the ideas into the idea basket and not go whole-hog and try to do it all at once.  It’s tough, but I am working at focusing on just a few things at a time. I have 8 things, yes – but I’m only grinding a few right now into razor sharp points. The others are “fall back ideas” or “when all else is working, try something new” plans.

I think about my kids and hubby, cash flow,  savings, hours in the day, and personal projects (passion projects) when organizing all this stuff. It’s different for everybody, so you’ll have to think about what’s critical to you and what difficulties, practices and results (good and bad) that may arise from out of each of your ideas.

But wait…what if you don’t have any schemes in the works?

Then…I guess you’re not allowing yourself a shot at a better event, better than where you are now. If you’re happy with your here and now – then I’m #jellie (jealous).

The final say…the harder you struggle, the more advantages come your way.

So what ideas are you developing?

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