How to rev up traffic to your website

I’ve located the insider way to up traffic to my website. It’s working for me every post now.

What’s the big deal?

It is not something that you expected.

Increase website traffic by doing one thing

It’s simply being sweet to visitors. You’d think I would have that down since I am like the sweet potato queen of writing website/blogs. I used to call myself the Paula Deen of writing gurus but she sort of fell on the popularity chart and I decided I didn’t want to be known as her anymore.

So, yes. Be nice. Be kind. Be sweet to those who are in your inner circle of blog friends. Greet them! Ask about their life. Now, there are some bloggers who are more intense on their blogs. They tell it “like it is” more or less. I know that there are reasons for that, and you know, that works sometimes too.

I suspect on a fitness blog, being more intense and coach-like is a good idea. We all need someone sitting on our lazy butts like Jillian Michaels, right?

But I take a more honest, responsive, interested in YOU sort of approach. If someone takes the time to send you an email, you should try to respond in a reasonable amount of time. (which reminds me, I have been BUSY sending download codes for my audiobook through AudioBookBlast – and they are ALMOST ALL GONE!!!) – I digress. I believe that you get back what you give. I am trying to show my visitors that I am a real person, with real world problems and like the old song goes, “.. one of us, just a stranger on the bus…”.

Which makes me want to hear that song…and maybe you do too… so here it is. Happy THROWBACK THURSDAY!

I will be back later with something else equally as fun…thinking about an excerpt from the new WIP…hehehe

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