Top Commenters for March

Today is really stormy so I am offline, but I just wanted to say thanks to you all for your friendship and wonderful comments. It’s been a very hard month for me and I needed support this month in the worst way. I amazingly have over 30 pageviews a day and that is really special because I lost so many of you after the site got hacked. Your kindness inspires me to write even more and I hope you are enjoying everything you’ve read so far.

I am going to acknowledge my best commenters here since it is the last day of March and I want you to know you are appreciated!

The Top Commenters in March:
SueAnn Beer
Kylo Ren
Thank you both a bushel and a peck as we say down in the south. I wish I had a special gift to bestow on you. Maybe I will have something for April. Maybe April will be a good month for gift certificates — ooooh, everybody better get to posting or I think these two will be in the running for a treat!

I hope it stops raining soon and dries out quick. I am having a garage sale this weekend, I pray! I will let you all know my Life Reboot post for Week Two coming soon!


  • SueAnn Beer

    Aww, you are too kind! You inspire me..get me to thinking, and that is a good thing…and you give me hope too….if you can do “it”, I can do “it”, whatever the “it” may be!!
    Good luck with your yard sale- hope the weather is nice….

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