• SueAnn Beer

    I buy books, to read for relaxing, for adventure, to learn new things, if it is a themed book, to see what is out there that I have
    not seen before..I learn from each book, I get a chance to study the author..
    The covers always draw me in…I study the titles…the colors,what is on it..animals, scenes inside stores, shops, porches..action happening? And most especially, if it is an author I know..or, have heard about.
    I am all about the story..if there are how -to do things at the end, makes no mind to me…
    I like intriguing titles..colorful covers.., that match pretty well, the title…and I go from there..

  • Jan

    Several ways. If an author I like has a new book out, I’ll check the description on Amazon, or load an excerpt to see if it feels like something I am interested in. I subscribe to Bookbub and Robins Reads, so if I see something in their recommendations I’ll check it out, again downloadin an excerpt. Occasionally I’ll throw caution to the wind and buy it just because it’s free. Book covers also catch my attention.

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