Book Review, update

Book Review, update
Book Sale; The current sales of Love Inn and An Unexpected Performance are going bye bye today and tomorrow so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, get thee to Amazon and buy buy.

So…what’s new?

Here, there  is SO much going on I am meeting myself coming and going. I bought a bunch of books at the used bookstore in Booksellers (our local indie bookstore-and yes an INDIE bookstore has used books!) and haven’t had time to dive in yet. All of them are mysteries so I am a happy girl.

I have finished the latest buy of Cleo Coyle’s mystery, Murder by Mocha. I hate to admit it, but I was pretty critical of it.



Seems like this writing duo has added some new writers to their mix, and the writers were amateurs. They had PAGES of dialogue with !!!!! all in them. I felt like I was reading the script for a Keystone Cops episode. There was a lot of romance in it between the main character and her lover, which is okay when done behind closed doors, but meh, this time? Too much. I did sort of like the ending…it was well-done, and as usual the author has included a ton of recipes that made my mouth water. I give it a three stars.


So, to cleanse my palate I have started on a very old romance by Nora Roberts. I got it at a garage sale. 

So far, the beginning is pretty basic, made me sort of wonder why she is so popular. The whole first few pages is spent describing the characters. Now, I know Nora doesn’t know better. She does. But maybe back in the day of this book’s writing that was accepted? And her main character went from nice to Scarlett O’Hara incensed in a matter of paragraphs, which sort of startled me.

Nevertheless, I am enjoying this romance.

I have finished proofing Disk of Death, the first Shannon Wallace Mystery, formatted for Kindle, created the paper cover, formatted for print, and am now awaiting the proof copy to arrive.

This great book will be available for you to read SO SOON! I am very excited. I hope you will go out and pre-order it.




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