Wednesday Musing – what to do next?

Wednesday Musing – what to do next?

This post comes to you from where I do my best writing: my desk. I do not do writing caves, per se. More like a writing circus ring (like a cave only with more chaos than cave). Everyone and everything traipses through here. But sometimes its quiet. Like now. I oftentimes wish I had my butt parked in Panera with a nice hot cup of joe. That isn’t always possible or even feasible so instead…here I sit.


I have been working on my goals for the next year. I have also been looking at what I accomplished this year. Not too shabby. But that is a post for another day 🙂 yes- TOMORROW!

Since Disk of Death is finally back from the editor and the last touches are being made to it, I am asking myself a lot of questions. Like are you going to release this before having book two completely re-edited? And what about book three? You know it is a total utter mess. What you going to do about that? And oh yeah, you haven’t touched book four since October…so what’s the deal?

The process of writing any novel is a learning experience. You sort of pull the punches and wait to be knocked out. At least that’s how it is for me. But Disk of Death is a zany mystery set in the south. The main character, a twenty something trying to learn her way in life gets slammed with a string of bad luck. My plan was to show how innocence and naivete can lead to shrewd decisions and hard choices.

what to do ?

That was all I knew when I started DOD. It was the NANO book that year. Oh yeah, many many years ago. I threw everything and the kitchen sink in that book. And consequently, it had to be edited. A LOT. But now that it is done, and it’s time to let this book go back out into the world, I am hesitating. Nerves? Oh yeah. But it’s more than that. I think I want my readers to fall totally in love with Shannon Wallace and want more more more. I will provide more, but what if they don’t wait? What if book two doesn’t come out quickly enough for them? Readers are pretty voracious these days.

So I have begun working on book two. It’s in a good bit of disrepair but I have utmost confidence in my editor. She is amazing and I know we will turn out a great work. I am enjoying the rewrite. I just need to get it finished in a timely fashion. Right now it’s being called Pushing Up Posies, but that’s only a working title.

PUP is more the classic mystery with red herrings and all. Moving forward, would like Pushing Up Posies to be ready for the editing process when Disk of Death goes live to the world in a few months. But don’t hold me to that.

Editing song for today : Tesseract by Dennis Kuo

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