Writer Groupie Episode 44 Chat with Barbara Ehrentreu, YA author/poet

Writer Groupie Episode 44 Chat with Barbara Ehrentreu, YA author/poet

Welcome, Groupies! Welcome to Episode 44! Today I interview Barbara Ehrentreu, YA author and poet. Her books are If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor and After.

In my special intro, I talk about focusing in on your niche and how it is critical for today’s book marketing world. So if you are interested in ways to be more focused on your niche, be sure to have a listen to the audio only version.

Barbara Ehrentreu is published by Muse It Up Publishing and has many insights about writing. She is an editor as well, and I am happy to have her on Writer Groupie Podcast.


In this episode, we learn about:

  • How Barbara got started writing and how getting her master’s degree was the catalyst for it
  • How Paula Danziger influenced Barbara’s writing
  • How critique groups helped shaped her YA novel
  • How real life influenced If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor
  • Insider details on the Muse It Up Online Conference!
  • How Barbara received 25 reviews
  • Why Barbara hasn’t gone commercial with her editing
  • Discussion about Pen Letters, a national group for writers
  • Insight into Barbara’s poetry
  • Details about Barbara’s poetry anthologies
  • BONUS:Info about Barbara’s podcast, The Red River Writers Tales from the Pages

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