Want to go shopping?

It’s that time again! Shopping season!

Some of you are groaning and some of you are celebrating.

want to go shopping?
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It is my experience that too many people spend too much time trying to find a gift for someone when they could have already done the research and just gone straight to the purchase, and here’s why:

1. They are not sure what the person receiving the gift is really interested in.
2. They are not sure what the product is really like.
3. They are not sure if the money is worth the effort.

Now, I am not able to do much about the person on the receiving end of your buy, but the other two? Yeah, I am going to be able to help with that.

I used to hate to shop. I never knew what to buy anyone. I’d spend all my time running around stores aimlessly. Maybe there are people out there in blog land who are the same?

I really don’t care for shopping during the holidays, too much crime. So I do most of mine online. And some of us might not have the best weather for going into stores, so there’s that. It is my hope that together we can find exactly what you want and need by doing posts about products, like books, or movies, or … why don’t you tell me what you are interested in?

And they said on the news that 68% of the people polled said they wanted CLOTHES this year for Christmas. Only like 48% wanted digital/electronics this year. Interesting huh?

I thought so too.

So,I am hereby declaring my website will be transformed during the month of December into a shopping site as well as a writing/book/author site. (you know I am not deserting my besties!)

As some of you may know, I am an affiliate associate for Amazon. And if you DIDN’T know, well, you do now. It’s fun, and as I am a consumer, just as you are, if I find things that appeal to me, why not share that?

And there are way too many great sales and stuff out there not to share right now especially.

So, here is a link to Amazon and their holiday banner for clothes-hounds. The gist of this banner is, holiday clothes – esp. New Years parties! Yes, I hate to admit it, IT DID APPEAL TO ME! I wanted to see what people would be wearing for the party scene this year. And this is SORT of for the ladies…sorry fellas!

(ps-After this post is live, I will be putting these sorts of banners in the sidebar, so you can check it out!)

Happy Shopping!

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