Pen names: who uses them?

Pen names: who uses them?

Welcome to another day of questions…I know I know–who cares, right? Well, you might if you are an author or reader with a curious mind. I am writing today about pen names and how on earth one keeps them “anonymous”.


I think some authors are sort of nonchalant about whether someone knows they are the “pen name” or not. But I know of at least two people who really want to hide behind the pen name for good reasons. They are business people, professionals who happen to write erotic novels on the side.


Bully for them.

But how does one maintain anonymity and still go out in the world to sign books etc?

Won’t your fans recognize you?

I have used a pen name before but the main reason was to keep my YA readers from accidentally picking up one of my adult romances. But seriously, with all the sexy books out there it is like,  pointless.

So, that’s the question on my mind these days. Who is writing under a pen name, how do you keep it anonymous, and what would happen if the public found out who you are?

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