Pondering writing

Pondering writing
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So, remember the old Sex in the City series and how Carrie Bradshaw would ponder life and love and the single girl? Just before or during those bouts of thoughts she would end up writing her column, and examine what she was learning. ie… “did I ever really love Big or was I addicted to the pain…the exquisite pain of wanting someone so unobtainable…?

Well, sometimes I feel the same. Well, only different, because I am most certainly NOT contemplating life, love OR a single girl existence. But I am pondering writing, and all that goes with it. Sometimes (like now) it seems like I could post up tens of thousands of blog posts about my thoughts on the subject. Maybe I should get a column?

And to be quite honest, sometimes I think I suffer from a rare form of writer’s block called “Youthinktoomuch”. And I do. I think about my writing when I am writing, when I am NOT writing, and when I should be writing but I am procrastinating about writing.

I really do think too much about things. I mean, can a writer get writer’s block from thinking about writing too much? Or is it that writing is so consuming that it oozes from the writing mind even when the appearance is not one of a writing related anything? I don’t know but believe me, writing and thinking about writing is killing me.

And while I am on the subject, do readers get reader’s block?

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