3 Tips For Keeping Readers Engaged

Used to be an author could get some respect by writing articles and having them over on the article sites like Ezine Articles or a place like that.

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Now? Not so much.

Not saying one shouldn’t do this, but just expect less than perfect results. Those sites are “played out”. Tired. Old. Not visited.

Today, it is far better to pen something, have it on your blog, and feed it out to other sites.

Like Twitter or another social media place. But only if you really have something to say. I mean, few people read below the “fold”. Which is where one has to scroll. If you don’t capture their attention with what you have to say in the first few paragraphs, chances are they won’t hang out. They won’t keep reading.

Are you still here?

Okay, so what are a few tips to keep a reader engaged and reading content on a website, blog, or article affiliate?

I am so glad you asked!!

Tips for keeping readers engaged with content

  • 1. Start a podcast
  • Podcasting is a very good method for getting content into your reader’s hands. Or ears as it were. They get a feel for who you are, what you are about, and what you have to say. Spoken things get attention.

  • 2. Start a discussion
  • You can do this on any of your social media sites and direct it back to your website or blog. Maybe you should start it there and link to it everywhere? Yeah, that’s what I would do.

  • 3. Throw in a little video
  • There truly is no better way to get people to follow you than to post up fun videos. They eat them up. Well, hey, there has to be a reason Youtube and those sites are doing so well, right?

    So, in finis, keep posting up great content, make it entertaining and engaging. There will be readers galore!

    Oh … did you want a video?


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