3 Reasons Why Book Reviews Matter

Why do book reviews matter?


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Analyzing a review

First, let me say that reviews are subjective. They rely on the reader for what goes into them. If the reader loved the characterization, then the focus might be there. If the plot ruled in the reader’s mind, they will comment heavily in that direction. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to review a book, but the information given should be of benefit to another reader, and sometimes, the writer. Although I believe fewer authors even read reviews than ever before thanks to fake reviews that abound on the Internet.

Items in a review

1. A short overview of the story.
This can be done in a few paragraphs, just so the review reader can follow the story idea. Some reviewers go into detail about the subplots and supporting characters, which is a good thing as more is definitely better.
2. Information about the main character.
Usually the main character and how they go about getting things done or not as is the purpose of the book.
3.The pacing of the book.
If it was fast, slow, or even something one could understand. This alone will be a factor to make someone buy the book or bypass it.
4. Any additions to the story that make it enjoyable.
Such as some series books with themes today have gifts for their readers toward the end of the book, such as, sewing tips, antique information, or even recipes. *think mysteries*

Finally, reviews can tell a future reader if the author has learned their writing basics. When plots wander aimlessly, characters behave out of character, and grammar is nonexistent, readers want to know.

Learning through reviews

Readers love to learn about places, and life situations, they didn’t know before. Whether it is the history of the Brooklyn Bridge, or the proper way to build a garden, it’s a tool in the writer’s hands. When handled well, this skill benefits every person who reads their work. When an author teaches a reader something unknown to them, it’s usually mentioned in the review. Writers should not be afraid to go into detail about the story world they are creating. Readers have inquiring minds, and want to know. When the writer has created a believable or helpful story, it usually results in a positive review.

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