2018 Goal Planning

2018 Goal Planning

Are you planning yet?

It’s that time again! New Year’s Goals time! Have you started planning?

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I love this time of year…

…when we all sit down with our shiny new graph pads and make out the list of what we want to accomplish in 2018.¬† ¬†Please feel free to join in this list by leaving your plan in the comments.

Last time I wrote about 2017 and what all went wrong with it. Yes, it wasn’t my best writing year.

My plan for 2018

This year brings with it a saying hello and a saying goodbye. I have had my blog for a long time. And from it jetted a podcast that became quite a hit with other authors. But I think in 2018, I will be saying goodbye to the podcast. I realize after much meditation that I don’t have time to do it anymore. I will still blog though. I may just put some flyby episodes in THIS blog, instead. I know some of you still like to listen to me prattle on. But keeping up TWO blogs, and creating, producing, and promoting Writer Groupie took a toll.

I would also like to help…

other authors with their book covers. I like doing design work. It’s another outlet for creatives. I like making them, and people obviously need them.

So, since it is January, here are my goals for the new year. I sure hope I get more done this year!

  1. Write more

  2. Social media less

  3. Publish more regularly

  4. Promote more

  5. Travel

It is crucial that I get more writing time in my schedule. That means I have to actually MAKE a schedule and keep it. Not easy for someone who threw all schedules out the door in deference to a sick spouse. There was no way to keep a schedule. But since his passing last year, I realize that I am a free spirit now. I can make them, keep them, or not. I guess I want to make one and keep it this year.

Social media has got to take a back seat this year. I cannot spend the endless amount of time online playing games and reading posts. It is where all my writing time has gone and I realize this. DOING it, is going to be another matter. It’s downright hard!

Publishing more regularly won’t be hard if I get into the writing chair and stay there. I can turn out some books this year if I try. Please light a candle for me!

Promoting really is determined by how much I get written and published. But if the first two dominoes fall into place, well, this one will also.

Travel. Ah. This is the biggie. I haven’t been able to go anywhere for many years and my dancing feet are just a’tappin. I am going to Florida this month! I am planning for a trip to the Pacific Northwest this summer also. Be on the lookout for MORE pics!

And really, although that is a very simplified list, this is my year at the moment. I am going to do my best to keep this blog updated better, too. I hope you will be around for all the excitement!




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