The look back at 2017 year end

The look back at 2017 year end


For a look back at my goals for the year of 2017 – go here :


I am very disappointed in 2017 as a year and at myself for the lack of accomplishments. But in all honesty, I had more losses than gains, and that in and of itself was the factor behind everything that did or didn’t occur in 2017.

All the plans took a backseat to my hubby’s illness as it rightfully should have. But that is what is so great about these posts. Now I can go back and see what I didn’t do and make new plans.

Ever wonder why New Year’s Day is epitomized with shiny glittery things? Because it is a shiny new year. One that everyone can do a reset and try again to accomplish things that they may have missed out on in the previous year.

I missed every goal.

Exercise, writing…everything.

So in 2018-I hope to just try try again. I will put up a “New Year 2018 Goals” blog post tomorrow or the next day once I get a minute to really assess how things are and how they have been going.

I think after what all 2017 brought, good and bad, I can truthfully look at my life and know where it is going.

Somethings people often forget in their NY resolution or goals is : to love, to be kind, and to forgive often and long. Those are definitely things I want in my new year and I bet you do too.

So, here’s to a new year for all of us. Let auld things fall away, and let the newness fall upon us bathing us in the light of its promise.


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