Writing journey and vacation wrapup

I think vacation is a writing journey opportunity. I did get a fair share done while I was gone. Usually late at night/early hours of the morning- while listening to the wind sighing through the trees in the gorgeousness that is New Hampshire.

(I will upload images once I have them ready)

I think vacation can be a sort of inspiration on its own. I took a lot of what I experienced each day and it inspired me to write something. It might have been a snippet of conversation, or it might have been a vision of nature. (we did see a red fox, wild turkeys, and a dead porcupine)

But this is what the writing journey is like-at least for me. It is taking life and all its magificience and turning it into words. I tell you, inspiration is everywhere!

So, I will have the next six months or more to digest this time and use it as matter for my book. I am well rested and even a little anxious to get started!

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Kim Smith is the author of Disk of Death, The Dread Room, Love Inn, and An Unexpected Performance.

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