Writer Groupie Episodes 1-45

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Some of these episodes may be missing info as my site was hacked and I lost some of them. If you wouldn’t mind, check them out at iTunes for audio, and Youtube for video if the one you are interested in won’t play.

Writer Groupie Episode Guide

#1 Inaugural episode-discuss the how and why of this podcast

#2 Time-where do you find time to…

#3 Designing Books

#4 Who is my reader?

#5 Be who you are, O writer!

#6 Procrastination

#7 Building a following

#8 Goals for Writers

#9 Editing

#10 Interview with Southern Paranormal Romance author, Jodi Vaughn

#11 Interview with Kristi Rose, author of The Girl He Knows

#12 Podcast Update

#13 Software issues

#14 Free Stuff For You

#15 Health for a Writer

#16 Books and Readers

#17 Holiday Edition

#18 Interview with Tom Lucas, author of Pax Titanus

#19 Interview with Mary Buckham, author of the Invisible Recruit Series, featuring Alex Noziak

Flyby and Thoughts

#20 Interview with Kim Huther, owner of Wordsmith Proofreading Service

#21 Interview with Dr. Robert G. Williscroft, author of The Starchild Compact

#22 Interview with Chad Martin, Laurel Rose Publishing, author of Loralai Ledbetter series

#23 Interview with Margaret and Kat King, authors of Y’all Twins?

#24 Book length

#25 Interview with Travis Shortt, publicist for Aspyr Communications

#26 The Magic Formula

#27 Overcoming Fear

#28- Interview with Maddie James, romance author and small publisher

#29 Interview with Arlene Hittle, romance author

#30 Mary Buckham on Writing Hooks

#31 Interview with Tof Eklund, author

Writer Groupie Flyby- On hiatus

Writer Groupie Flyby – Kimsmithauthor.com info

#32 Interview with Ute Carbone, romance author

#33 Interview with Judy Alter, mystery author

#34 Interview with Robert Williscroft, Slingshot

#35 Interview with Cecilia Dominic, author of Eros Element

Flyby episode – Imaginarium 2015

Flyby episode – How to Write More Books

#36 Writing Historical Thrillers with Jeanne Lyet Gassman

#37 Interview with the Entertaining King Twins

Flyby Episode – Productivity and Ideas

#38 Orphaned Books with Jennifer Anderson

#39 Interview with Janie Franz

#40 Writing YA Science Fiction and Fantasy with Kathryn Sullivan

#41 YA Fiction with H W Vivian

#42 Book Reviews and Editing with Sharon Stogner

#43 Book Cover Design with Aaron Drown

#44 Chat with Barbara Ehrentreu, YA author/poet

#45-Interview with Stephen Zimmer (text only) and podcast is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT WRITER GROUPIE!

For more episodes please follow the link to the NEW WRITER GROUPIE!

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