Writer Groupie Episode 16 Books And Readers

Writer Groupie Episode 16 Books And Readers

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In today’s episode, I discuss my recent promotion, my upcoming promotion, and what makes a reader pick up a specific book. I think there are a variety of reasons that books meet readers, but for the time given me for the podcast, I covered a likely two.

Some questions I posed about books and readers were:

What makes someone pick a specific book?
Does reader referral matter?
How can you find a good book online?

I briefly discuss upcoming guests, but to go into more depth, I will interview Tom Lucas, author of Leather to the Corinthians, next Tuesday. And then, will have that segment just before Christmas, so be sure to check in! I am going to have Travis Shortt back on the podcast soon, and that will be another one not to miss, as we all need to learn what a publicist does and how having one may get more traction on the busy interwebs for your book.

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