Part one of The Whiteboard

Part one of The Whiteboard

So, I just decided to go ahead and have a real post and/or series of posts. You will be thrilled to know that I have been writing ūüôā and you are about to be the lucky recipient of all that goodness.

I am working on a short story that is part of a writing prompt. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

This is part one.


THE WHITEBOARD by Kim Smith © 2017 (part one)

Anne had been coming into work early for months thanks to the added burden placed upon her already exhausting workload as a clerk. (Except for Wednesdays, that is. Wednesdays–being the central part of the work week–was reserved for a special deviation.) But now that she’d¬†acquired a nicer, better paying job within the company, she¬†could come in at the more usual¬†hour of eight o’clock. It was her choice. No one cared, but she found she loved not having to fight the traffic each morning and continued her regiment of coming in early.

As she went up the elevator to her floor, she found her face creased into a smile as it stared back at her in the mirrored glass of the lift. Life felt suddenly good. New job, convenient times, better pay…yes. It definitely had begun to look up.

She moved through the hallway into the kitchen to put her lunch away. Tuna again. She could afford nicer fare now, but she also wanted to fit into nicer clothes, so tuna it was. At least for a little while longer.

She passed the coffeepots, promising herself that she’d enjoy a nice hot cup soon. When she entered her office, she pulled the door nearly closed so she could hang her purse on a hook on the back of it. Turning toward the windows–which opened onto a glorious view of the street–her eye caught black text on her whiteboard to the right.

The whiteboard was on a stand and was pretty non-descript. But today it had some thing written on it in black marker. The handwriting was neat, tidy, precise. Everything her own writing was not. No, this was not her hand. She hadn’t written this.

It said, “The movie of your life’s entirety is not the same as the clip of today’s experience.”

A rewording of some famous quote, she was sure, but who? Shaking her head, she discounted it. Not important. Not nearly as important as who had been in her office writing on her whiteboard. She didn’t lock the door, had never had reason to. Her office was not full of secrets to anyone who wanted to come in.

She seated herself behind her desk and stared at the writing.

Should she erase it? Should she leave it and admire it? Should she report it and to whom would she do such a thing?

“Not hurting anything for now, ” she muttered aloud to herself. She wouldn’t need to use the whiteboard again for a few days. Might as well let it rest.

Be sure to tune in next week for the next installment! 





Creative words: What they look like

Creative words: What they look like


Have you ever noticed how there are specific words that are used when people are exercising their creativity? Well, at least to me, it seems that certain words are the forerunners of a creative exercise.

For example investigate these:


What if…

Let’s try this…


See what I mean? It’s almost like creatives start out their creativity stint with specific words. And I do mean ALL creatives, even musicians, even painters. Especially writers.

Writers usually begin with a what if question and go from there.

Exploring our creativity means being observant, asking questions, listening to answers, and sometimes just doing nothing. Yes, that does happen. Sometimes creativity needs to draw from its own experience and we have nothing to do but sit quietly and allow it to happen.

Today, I hope you will allow your creative side to voice itself. I hope you will find time and space to put something down on paper, on canvas, or on whatever medium your talent needs to express itself.

And don’t judge it. Don’t erase it, paint over it, discount it. Allow it to live and breathe and grow. You may surprise yourself!

Weekly links: Mixed bag of goodies

Good morning, lovelies! It’s a mixed bag for links this week. There is some stuff about Valentines Day (sorry, I know it’s over) and there is some stuff about blogs, stuff about technology, etc. It’s just fun to click a link and magically get transported to someone’s blog and see what they are talking about, isn’t it?

I am going to try to get a real blog post up here soon. I have a lot to share, but just no time to share it!

I also hope to be updating the website soon, so be sure to look for new stuff coming soon.

Speaking of bags, is anyone packing theirs to come to Mid South Con next month? Yes, I know. It’s already mid-February!


The Book Designer 

The Passive Voice


Self Publishing Advice


Plot to Punctuation


That’s it today, folks. I hope your week flies right by!


You can embrace your creative drive!

How Kim got her creative drive

My first real book was published when I was in my forties. Somewhere between grade school and the mid-life crisis, I became a real writer.


Well, first of all you have to answer in the affirmative to that creative urge-that nudge that says, “Hey, why not?”

For me, I perused book stores like a homeless person eyes shelters. I needed books. I needed the escapism it offered. I was a writer who was fighting off the writing urge.

But don’t do like I did.

Don’t fight it! ¬†Read books. Study writing. Become a student of the written word and embrace your calling. It’s sturdy and lasting.



The first book that made me go “ah” was Gone with the Wind back in high school study hall. I was bored, and lonely, and sort of a loner. Never made friends easily, and probably why I quit high school. ¬†But that one book, GWTW, ¬†made me say to myself that THIS is what I want to do.

And at some point, I finally said yes to my creativity-that urge to write. It was a learning process. I went from reading fiction to reading self-help books like there was no tomorrow. I raised my kids in the aisles of Borders Books (remember them?) – my desire to know craft was insatiable.



So, I said yes. I said yes in so many thousands ways. And I am here to tell you, you can do this too!

You can write. You can dream, and dabble, and learn, and create. Just be prepared to become like an oil-rig. You have to dig dig dig and pump up that bubble of crude rudimentary creative drive.

Imagine what you will do when you allow yourself to say yes to your writing dream!

Wednesday links: creative smiles abound


Creative people-unite

I believe in the human capacity to create. Our creativity is shown in every thing we do. If you are a parent, you are encouraging children as well as your own creativity. If you are a factory worker, you are a creative individual. There are some acts that are labeled creative (such as writing a book), but really, every time we smile at someone who needs it, we are being creative. Who could make a smile better than you?

Be creative-SMILE!
So, go out and check out these links, you, creative person, you.


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It’s a short list this week, folks, but I am short on time. I will try to be back with more of my thoughts on creativity this weekend.