Linky List: Romance Writers

I know it is not February yet, but I am always ahead of the curve, right? This week, I have a list of romance authors’ blogs for you. These authors write romance in all heat levels, so be sure to pay attention to anything on their site that says “WARNING”.  Many of these wonderful creators are friends of mine, or I have met and spoken with in person. You can trust them to tell a good tale.

There are more romance writers than any other genre in the world today, and this has been the norm for a long time. If you are a romance reader, perhaps you would like to check out some new authors?

Romance List

Jen Anderson

Angela Kay Austin

Elizabeth Bevarly

Candace Camp

Linda Rettstatt

Kristi Rose

Rebecca York

Happy reading! Maybe next week I will have a real post about something. January has been crazy busy.


Writing Links: Get ‘er Done

There are so many facets to writing well. I decided to select a few links to some good posts that will help you understand means and ways to being better at what we do. We could all use a little help from time to time.

One of these days I am going to do a post linking to all of the places I have written about writing well.

At any rate, I am very busy these days and of course, as part of my 2017 plan, will be posting a lot less. But posting less means I will be writing more!

Yay! More books!


Here is the linky list for this week:

Janet Reid’s Blog post on writing well
The Book Designer Good Tips for Writing/Publishing
How to finish your story
K.M. Weiland Beginning your story too late
Writers Write Eight Commonly Misused Words

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a great weekend!

Lynn Stookes-The Harden Series


Kylie Delaney had the perfect life until one night changed everything. Now she’s moving back to her hometown to escape the pain and start over, but someone won’t let her forget the past.

Detective Blake Winters moved back to his hometown to escape the violence of the city, but when bodies start showing up murdered, he questions his decision. That is until the girl he wanted as a teenager moves in across the street. Then all bets are off.

Now, Kylie must face the past with Blake, the one man who broke her young heart. Can they explore a new relationship and both stay alive as they search for the person behind the murders?


Title: Fatal Obsession
Series: The Harden Series #1
Author: Lynn Stookes
Genre: Adult, Suspense Romance
Published: January 1, 2015

In a matter of months, Dani Delaney’s world drastically changed. Now, she faces the toughest challenge of her life and is determined to handle it on her own.

Detective Sawyer Woods will do anything to be with Dani, the woman he’s dreamed about since he first laid eyes on her, but she’ll have nothing to do with him, no matter how much charm he uses.

It isn’t until Dani receives threatening messages and criminal activities happen around town that she’s forced to accept the help of the one man who can bring her to her knees. Can Sawyer protect the one woman who doesn’t want him and convince her to give him a shot? Or can one lie destroy it all?


Title: Ultimate Deception
Series: The Harden Series #2
Author: Lynn Stookes
Genre: Adult, Suspense Romance
Published: September 25, 2015

Lynn Stookes was born and raised in the amazing state of Texas, where she currently resides with her husband of five years. They have one rambunctious four year old son and three furry children, who create the chaos she couldn’t live without.

One day, Lynn took her passion (maybe obsession is more apt) for romance books and mystery shows and wrote her first romantic suspense novel, Fatal Obsession, Book 1 in the Harden Series.

When Lynn isn’t writing or working her day job, you can find her reading on her Kindle, spending time with her family and friends, or playing on Facebook. She loves running, coffee, and country music in no particular order.


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2017 New Year goals for this writer’s life

Happy New Year! I love the beginning of a new year and I am pretty excited about 2017. It’s the best time to be a writer-author-preneur and we have a lot of choices to consider in this awesome digital era where we can reach customers with a click.


Someone asked me what hobbies I enjoy. I had to really think about it because writing and podcasting have been my hobbies ever since 2008, but now I want this to be my business as well. My retirement! So I need to move things along in 2017.

I also don’t like making resolutions. They often are grandiose and usually not obtainable or maintainable. I like goal setting.  With that, we can easily judge our success by the turn of the calendar from month to month and especially at years end. So, these are my writing, podcasting, and business goals for 2017. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments.

Fiction Writing

  • Write 2 novels and a novella or two short stories. At least one of these will be in the SW series but I have a lot of other ideas right now, so one can never tell!
  • Sell (not just have downloads or pages read) 25,000 copies of my fiction books by November.
  • Go on a weekend writing course/retreat or invest in expanding my fiction skills with some education by pros. There are great ones out there, and I have my eye on this one :

Kim Smith, Author-my business

I am going to improve the blog in 2017. You will continue to get the latest in writing, publishing and book marketing information, and interviews, podcasts, videos, etc.  I also want to begin to share my own writing journey so that my experience may help others. I hope you will continue to comment on the posts and email me questions also.

My more specific goals are:

  • Update to reflect the business side in terms of courses and education. One of my favorite blogs has practical business help on writing, publishing, and marketing. They are a business, but charged and spun from a blog. This is my desire also for 2017.
  • Rewrite and relaunch Ten Tips for Getting That Book Written. It has had a few little updates but it needs a full revamp. And I likely will be offering it for an incentive.
  • Release a new multi-media mini-course on “How to be motivated to write for life”
  • Seriously study email marketing and course creation from pro resources. I think I have the gist of email marketing but now I need to focus on the course creation side.
  • Financially, the income from this business (including fiction) needs to double by the end of 2017. No need for figures here but suffice to say, I am going to really be busy. My income streams will be 80% scalable from book sales and online sales of courses. 20% will be based on my time – speaking and consulting, which I hope to do more of also.

Non-Fiction Writing

I always wanted to be an author’s assistant and it’s time to revisit that in 2017.

  • Revise and re-release “Ten Tips” with material from the blog and my experience
  • Revise and re-release “Lifestyle Reboot” with material from the blog and my experience
  • Write new material to accompany course, or to be presented as non-fic on how to write your book from idea to ebook.

Fitness and Personal Growth

I have lots of personal goals, and am sharing them because they also spill into my creative side.

  • Writing and all that goes with it are really sloggish. I lost 12 lbs in 2016 and I am not stopping. I want to be where I was in 1984 before my first child. See you in the gym!
  • Go on a retreat. I’ve been wanting to do this for years so this year, I will make it happen. I already know where I can obtain this goal, so it is a matter of planning and executing.
  • Journal every day. I got some great ones for Christmas so I am all ready to go!

Okay, that’s it for me. What about you?

What are your goals for 2017? Please share them in the comments below and we can revisit them at the end of the year.