Twenty Five Day Challenge

I know I know. A 25 Day Challenge? What kind of mess is this? Well, it’s my mess if you really want to know. I had to do SOMETHING to keep myself on track.

(Feel free to join in- or follow along and cheer me on)

So, consider this the “build-up” also known as day one. Starting tomorrow, day 2, I will be posting every day about what I did that day and how much I have gotten accomplished. I am leaving on the last day of the challenge to go on a writing retreat with some writing friends and really want to have a clean slate to focus in on what I really want to write.

Today I discovered ALL of my old books are now gone from Amazon, and I am so excited about that. Those old books, while edited and so on, were probably the WORST books I have ever written. What can I say? I was a newb. At any rate, I am thrilled to have them gone.

Now I am editing and revising them and will have a whole new collection for readers and believe me, you will LOVE what I have done.

Zeana / Pixabay

My work today consisted of a lot of house stuff since the weather turned Mid South nasty. I washed clothes, and linens, and disinfected all my kitchen counters. Tomorrow is floor day.

I also edited nearly three chapters and believe me, this girl is tired of looking at a computer screen. Check back tomorrow. I will keep you posted on progress.

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Kim Smith is the author of Disk of Death, The Dread Room, Love Inn, and An Unexpected Performance.

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