Morning coffee

I love mornings at my house. I drink all the coffee I can consume and listen to the local news. I surf the net, read blogs, play games on FB and just sort of relax my way into the day. The way my days have been going lately, I NEED the relaxation.

I would get a little writing time in, but seriously, I do not want to have to think too hard. I know that sounds awful, but it’s the truth. I just want to chill out drinking coffee and finding interesting stories and other people’s humor in online places.

I guess it is sort of like some people get enjoyment from shopping online.

Not me, I get stressed from shopping period. That’s due to the fact that I always want the most expensive stuff. I think I could be a girlish girl. I truly do. I COULD be all pink frill and fluff and long nails and super do hair etc. – if I could afford that sort of life.

Instead, I am sensible, and staid. Black pants on Monday. Minimal makeup. Gym visit after work.

I guess it’s also a matter of money. Cheap ballet flats from Walmart instead of designer heels from Dillards is not a fashion choice it is a lifestyle choice. I have to be able to afford the next Brandon Sanderson book. Sheesh, a girl has to have her priorities!


About master

Kim Smith is the author of Disk of Death, The Dread Room, Love Inn, and An Unexpected Performance.

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