Mid South Con

Mid South Con



Okay, so, you guys know that I am going to be at Mid South Con all this weekend, right? This is an annual event. I love it. It is a scifi-fantasy con and so there are always photo opps. I promise faithfully to send images to my Facebook regularly all weekend. IF you are not following me on FB here is the link.

I also am planning on creating a wrap-up post for you on Sunday night if I can focus after so much fantastical input. If it doesn’t appear Sunday night, then Monday for sure. Mid South Con is one of the most fun events we have in this town, so I will have a lot to say.

I am excited and nervous as well. My kid says nervous excitement is a good thing, so maybe I will survive.




This will be my first time as a panelist at Mid South Con. LOL. It will be my first time to be a panelist EVER. I will be behind the table instead of in front of it. I will be imparting information instead of getting some (although I will likely learn a lot too). I will be asked questions instead of asking of others. It’s just a very cool feeling to know that I have finally scaled the heights as a wannabe writer into an accomplished author.

If you want to know which panels I will be on, check out my events page on this site. I will be signing An Unexpected Performance on Saturday morning on Pro Row. This is another first for me. I just know this will be one of my most memorable events. I love Mid South Con. I have been year after year getting comfortable with how it operates and learning from other writers. Now it’s my turn.

If you are going to be in attendance, look me up. I will have some postcards and stuff with QR codes for you to be able to buy my stuff. But really? I just want to see you and see the excitement on your face to be at such a great place!

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