Loran Rudder and the Secret Key


So…I am getting so freaking anxious about the upcoming release of Loran Rudder and the Secret Key. I have never done everything all on my own before. I have never arranged a book tour before, gotten pre-release reviews before, or any of that stuff. I am CHEWING ON MY NAILS. This is HARD you guys.

But before I go all whiny on you…I would like to respectfully ask for anyone interested to pitch in and host a cover reveal, a blurb, an excerpt, or maybe an interview of moi, to help me get the ball rolling.

I want LRATSK to be one of those hot books that goes viral in a few days. I want it to be in high demand. I waant….I wannnnt….some hot Cheetos.

Anyone out there got any Tums?











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Kim Smith is the author of Disk of Death, The Dread Room, Love Inn, and An Unexpected Performance.

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