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Weekly Links

This week is a holiday week, and I am very busy with family and food. That is a very nice change for me from the daily doldrums. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and remember to spend time sitting in nature, meditating on your blessings this week.

I chose from a variety of sites this week, and tried to include everything I thought might be applicable to a writer of all stages. 


From a Twitter friend, @RicardoFayet here is a link :

Writing in Third Person vs Omniscient vs- third person limited

and thanks so much Ricardo for sharing!

Your Weekly Links:

Social Media Examiner – Facebook Corrects Over Reported Organic Reach

Anne R. Allen’s Blog – What’s your novel genre?

Writer’s Win – 128 words writers can use instead of very

Live Write Thrive – Want to be a writer? Don’t neglect this!

The Book Designer – Is your plan for success “I Just Want To Write My Books”?

The Kill Zone – Showing and Telling For Thanksgiving

Writers Helping Writers – Character Motivation Entry: Obtaining Shelter from the Elements

Jane Friedman – Gifts for Writers: Tech Savvy

Jami Gold – Too many demands? Find balance

If you have any links that you want to put in my weekly links post, be sure to hunt me up at my social media sites or drop a contact form like this one: 


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