Good Friday and Easter all EGGRolled into one

Good Friday and Easter all EGGRolled into one

Finally, a realllll blog post/update. I know, right? I hear you sighing.

So what on earth is going on? Well, first let me say Happy Good Friday. Today is the beginning of the Easter holiday weekend and I am OFF work! Yippee!!! Secondly, let me say Happy Easter!! hoppity hoppity!

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And! I will have another release this month. It will be romance. I have decided (grin). Yes, the fantastical fictioneer is going over to the dark side. Romance. Ah, shiver.

Want a teaser?

Okay, I will post one up soon. Just keep checking back and keeping me on task. I am such a slacker today. I am off work (did I say that?) and cannot even get my housework done for the big P – procrastination.

But in honor of the holiday weekend, I had to post and tell you I am thinking about you. I hope you have a blessed weekend, with love and chocolate and lots of eggs.

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