Day 21-Editing continues and Writer Groupie news

Day 21 and the editing continues. I managed to edit two scenes tonight, print off critique material for my friends for tomorrow, and worked on the next Writer Groupie episode.

That’s the real news tonight.

I interviewed the fabulous Jodi Vaughn and will have her interview IN VIDEO!!!! next Tuesday. Y’all stay tuned! I am very excited about the interview because we discuss writing and publishing and marketing and how things are not what a lot of authors think it is when they first set out on this writing journey.

So for today, here is how things stack up—

*Edits/editing = 2
*Writer Groupie=2
*Big Bang Theory=3

(yes, I am cheating and watching old episodes)
By the way, no post tomorrow night, it is critique night. I will not get any edits/editing done, but I will have plenty do to afterwards.

I sure hope I can get to the ATT store soon to activate my new iPhone 6. My life has gotten so busy all of a sudden I haven’t had time to go! Do you have a new iPhone 6? What do you think of it?

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