Day 19- Weekend strikes again

See my 25 day challenge here

Here we are 19 days until the retreat. And here is my latest update.

I am supposed to be going to the book store (BAM) in a little while to see a book signing by a local author. I consider this sort of outing as a bit of research for the podcast. She might make an interesting guest. At least, I can go browse the shelves for a time if nothing else. I really do not know when her signing is scheduled and so it may be a bust.

I finished my crit partner’s latest bit. It was quite a few pages, so I am counting it as editing AND reading. I do intend to do some editing on my own WIP this day at some point. I have all of my crit partner’s pages of edits of my WIP and now my secret editor’s. I am going to be pretty darn busy. My secret editor suggested an overhaul to a major plot point and this will require a Panera Bread visit to contemplate correctly. Nevertheless, I am game to do it. All I need is some hazelnut coffee and a bagel.

So in a nutshell, this post is a little incomplete since I am writing it in the middle of the day rather than at night after all this stuff has already been done. I sort of hope my hubby will want to go out tonight and I won’t be at the computer until late late.
And this post counts as my writing of new material because it is over 250 words.
(how on earth do people ever do Nano? I would be a basket case)


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