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Resurrect the WOOLLY MAMMOTH!!!

Resurrect them, I say! And how that statement pertains to my writing life 🙂 So, you have likely, by now, heard about the scientists who are trying to bring back the woolly mammoths from extinction. They left our world around 1700 BC although some people have timed it at 10,000 years ago. And they want …

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The Whiteboard, Part Ten

Hey everyone! It’s part ten!  Here is another installment on the continuing saga of Anne and her whiteboard. I am coming to the end of the story now, and I hope you haven’t figured out who the “writer” is. If so, don’t tell anyone! It’s been fun writing this weird tale. It’s also been a …

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The Whiteboard, part eight

Welcome  to all my news fans and followers…if you are just now getting into The Whiteboard, you have a bit to catch up. We are about to start on Part Eight. If you want to read part seven go here The Whiteboard Part Eight by ©Kim Smith Anne rose from bed on Friday morning to …

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Sunday Surmising-Surprising- Hello, It’s ME!

I have been pounding you guys with writing and publishing, marketing and mess until I know your eyes are crossed. Well, today, I am being more personal. It is December, and a Sunday and I feel a little cuddly. I want to dig into my blanket and read. It’s a perfect day for it. It’s …

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