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Part six of The Whiteboard

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So, here is the sixth part or installment of our strange tale. The Whiteboard is about a woman whose dry erase board at her job suddenly starts issuing someone’s opinion and becomes the object of their interest with her as the recipient.  Today we find out what happens next.

©The Whiteboard Part Six by Kim Smith

The writer didn’t put out new whiteboard writing at all on Thursday. By the time Anne got ready to leave work, she had convinced herself it was just a silly office game someone was playing with her and best left ignored. She wanted no part in it.

But when she prepared to leave for the day, she couldn’t locate her keys.

She was fastidious to a fault and to misplace anything was not her norm. She checked her sweater hanging on the back of the door, took every item out of her purse. turned it upside down and patted it to make anything inside fall out.

Nothing did.

And she had an immense set of keys. They were impossible to miss when they were lying on the desk or in the bottom of her purse. She checked her desk, every nook and cranny, even looking all around on the floor.

The keys were officially missing.

She gazed up at the whiteboard. Nothing there to give her a hint.

Or was there?

In very tiny writing, using the yellow marker this time, was one single line that she had completely missed.

“I like your car.”

Now, a cold drip of fear sucked through her belly. Did the writer take her keys?

She had to go to her car.

Of course, the writer had taken the keys.  Why else were they missing? The writer was taunting her. Anger made her breath come out in a whoosh as she strode from her office headed straight for the elevator.

If this lunatic had done anything to her car…she’d kill him. Or her. She didn’t care. When she got her hands on them, they’d be a believer.

When she walked outside, she blinked at the brilliance of the sun as it shone on her face. She would love to be able to just sit on the concrete steps and enjoy it. But instead, she thought about how unfair life was. She couldn’t even enjoy the seasonal beauty because someone had gotten focused on her and now had her heart filled with hate.

When she arrived at the car, her keys were lying just underneath the car’s door. Did she accidentally drop them? Had she been all keyed up over the writer’s activities and been at fault all along?

She scooped them up and walked around her car, suspiciously. She had had to have them in her hands to lock the vehicle’s door’s with the clicker. It was obviously locked. Besides, hadn’t the writer said in the latest writing that they liked the car?

Frustrated, she rushed inside the building to go straight to her boss’s office. Enough was enough. When she walked into her supervisor’s office, it was like it wasn’t even her moving her legs. She was a robot performing some weird pre-designed action.

“What’s up?” Mr. Stanton asked.

“I…I have a problem,” she replied, looking at the various items on his desk, formulating her thoughts.


He was being kind.

She was approaching this all wrong. She dove in anyway.

“Y-yes,” she stammered. “I’ve been having a visitor at night in my office.”

She glanced at him.

He steepled his fingers together and sat back.

“A visitor?”


Well, there you have it, my friends. What do you think will happen next?




To podcast or not to podcast that is the question

Do you listen to podcasts? I hear that our world is getting busier and busier and people have less and less time to sit down and actually relish a written book (or anything else!) – does that sound like you? Well, me too. I enjoy podcasts as I sit at my desk and work because I can do more than just work. I can listen to a story or instruction.

There are a few points I can make about podcasting for the podcaster however. Most of them are positive.

They are portable and timely

Podcasts can be downloaded by the listener to tune into when it is convenient for them. Some people listen to them while on the treadmill, some listen while in the car. Anytime a listener can be tuned into your work CONVENIENTLY – it is always a positive.

They are simple to produce

You do not have to have fancy mics or expensive software to do this. I use software to record via Skype. The sound is usually pretty good (at least on my end!) and to be honest, most people are now used to video shot with a mobile phone, and imagery via cell phone. Most people don’t care if your podcast looks or sounds amateurish. Unless you are doing it for a business, you can cheat a little here.

On the negative side, I have to say that not everyone can tune in from work. They cannot use iTunes, or Youtube, and therefore may never remember to check out your podcast or vlog. That’s okay. Just create a post and give ’em text!

And of course, you should always try to use royalty free stuff when doing this. Imagery and music should not be copyrighted because you do not reproduce that for the airwaves for free.

Other than that? It’s a podcast world, baby. Get out there and give it a whirl. You never know where it may lead you!

The Amazon/Hachette debacle goes on … and it seems everyone has an opinion. Some are on the side of Amazon, and say they are for the indie author. Others are on the side of Hachette and say that their stance protects the rights of legacy published authors.

amazon/hachette debacle
TheCreativePenn / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Well, let’s face it folks, it all comes back to that

unholy dollar


Both sides want theirs, and they are going to fight to the death until someone is victor in all this.

The problem may well be, however, that the authors who are in the middle of the battleground, end up losing.

Very sad to say, and I certainly hope things resolve in the best possible way for everyone.

I am an indie author, who was *coughcoughcough* once published by a publisher. I have nothing but great things to say about Amazon and the ability to do it all myself. Still, if the opp to be a hybrid author came my way, I wouldn’t say no. So, the fall-out from all this tribulation is important to all authors, regardless of who publishes you.

And why in the heck is it that the AUTHOR always suffers? I mean come on, we struggle through months of creative pulses, sometimes nearly missing insanity, and we bleed all over the page, just to have our hard earned money absconded. It doesn’t make sense. Never has. But the life with Amazon and doing ourself is just a whole lot better. End of story.

I got nothing. But this guy does!

I am in Christmas mode over here and writing and posting are taking a back seat…but I did find this on a search on Amazon then digging into the author’s site…wow. He has an awesome book trailer! if this doesn’t make you want to read the book NOTHING WILL! The author is Ransom Riggs and the book is Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Check it out!!

That’s me in the corner

Today, I got an important email. I’ve just come out from a recent promotion, and for the first few days afterwards, I track to see how well it did. While I was at it, I added up all the copies I’ve sold/given away. Just through Kindle, without including my paperback, I’ve gotten my work into the hands of several hundred people.

I literally have no idea how to translate that into the email I received. I am getting a royalty check from Amazon for my book. REAL MONEY. It’s not a lot, but it is a START. This is beginning to feel so much more real now!

When things like this happen, I’ve stopped analyzing. I just swallow it down like a pill and wait to see how the medicine reacts. I love writing, it is something that I have had to do as much for me as for my readers. Now that I have leapt over this hurdle of seeing will it make money, well, there is nothing holding me down but gravity.

But, when you want something all of your life, and then it actually starts to happen, it’s somewhat like being in an accident-you are mashed into your seat with nowhere to run.

When dreams become a reality, it’s just weird.

I think what makes it even more scary, I haven’t truly figured this all out yet! I call myself an author, but every time I say it, it feels like a made up thing. Like a story about a story.

I feel like I will wake up one day and realize this is just a dream… yeah… that’s me in the corner…

Oh, life is bigger

It’s bigger than you

And you are not me

The lengths that I will go to

The distance in your eyes

Oh no, I’ve said too much

I set it up


That’s me in the corner

That’s me in the spotlight, I’m

Losing my religion

Trying to keep up with you

And I don’t know if I can do it

Oh no, I’ve said too much

I haven’t said enough

I thought that I heard you laughing

I thought that I heard you sing

I think I thought I saw you try

Every whisper

Of every waking hour I’m

Choosing my confessions

Trying to keep an eye on you

Like a hurt lost and blinded fool,

Oh no, I’ve said too much

I set it up

Consider this

Consider this

The hint of the century

Consider this

The slip that brought me

To my knees failed

What if all these fantasies

Come flailing around

Now I’ve said too much

I thought that I heard you laughing

I thought that I heard you sing

I think I thought I saw you try

But that was just a dream

That was just a dream

(repeat chorus)

But that was just a dream

Try, cry, why try?

That was just a dream

Just a dream, just a dream