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The Whiteboard part four

Welcome to the latest (fourth) installment of The Whiteboard. This story has been keeping me company for weeks now. I am sort of liking the fact that I can just write about 500 words on it (equivalent of 2  pages or so) and let that be the writing for the day. A writer writes. So, I am. I hope you are enjoying this little tale. (I actually do have an ending!)

Here are the three previous links to parts one, two, and three.

Part one

Part two

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The Whiteboard by Kim Smith ©2017


She was disappointed in Beatrice’s reply. Her co-worker hadn’t seen anyone coming or going in Anne’s office, except Anne. This was met with a bit more dismay than Anne wanted to admit.

She walked up to the board and wrote in her boldest hand, “Who ARE you?”

“I’ll play for one more day,” she said, aloud. Then, she gathered her things to go home. When she touched the doorknob, she considered locking it. What was going to be learned from someone who snuck into her office and played games, anyway?

Finally, she left it unlocked. One more day, she told herself. Then it’s going to be locked up tight.

As she headed toward the elevator, she remembered an 8:30 a.m. meeting on Thursday that she would be having in her office. The writer had better be prepared to divulge their identity and get out quickly or face a few others crowded into her small office to be a new and less attentive audience.

She forced herself to breathe in and out and smile inwardly. Nothing to be done about this business now. There was a well-dressed man on the elevator when she got on. She had never seen him before, but that wasn’t all that remarkable. She didn’t know everyone person on every floor of the massive office complex.

He allowed her to exit before him, as a well-bred man should do. At least, in her opinion. Not that she was an authority or anything . She didn’t even have brothers or uncles and her father had never been home long, preferring to work two jobs and long hours.

She was something like him, she supposed.

When Anne reached her car, she looked up at the building where she spent so much of her time. She couldn’t see her office from this vantagepoint, but she knew where it was. Her life seemed wrapped up in that one place. Now someone was invading her space. It was enough to make her frown as she clicked the button to open her car doors.

When she sat inside, she could see the writing on her windshield, in the dust of the pollen that had begun to collect everywhere thanks to the abundance of trees around the garage.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” it said in the perfect handwriting she’d already come to recognize.

A drip of cold fear gripped her. What did that even mean? How did the writer know her car? This meant the writer KNEW her and her habits. Should she take this to the authorities? Was it harmless or dangerous. She sat there a long time before finally turning on the washer and wipers, obliterating the writing from her view.

“Take that, you weirdo,” she said, putting her seat belt on.


I hope you enjoyed this fourth installment! More to come! Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think…




The Whiteboard – Part Two

Welcome to the second installment of my ongoing short story, The Whiteboard. Last time we met Anne, a mousy little office worker who found the whiteboard in her office had been utilized mysteriously after she left the office one night.

You can read part one here


The Whiteboard (part two) by Kim Smith © 2017

As the day progressed, Anne began to think of responses to the saying that had been written on the board. She wrote one of her own on the way out that evening.

“Today’s experience was one of such horror, it would make a good movie.”

She chuckled as she admired her work before turning out the light, closing the door, and making her way to the elevator. The memory of the day was not as bad as she’d reported, but sometimes things that went on inside her workplace would make a good movie.


The next day, Anne entered her office in the same way as she usually did, only to find the mystery writer had struck again, regaling her with words of wisdom.

But this time, it was much more … personal. And potentially, darker.

You should live more. Tomorrow is an unpromised uncertainty.

“Why, you devil,” she muttered, grabbing the eraser. “You don’t know anything about me.”

She wiped away the first two phrases and placed her own thought above the latest offering.

A coward cannot face their tomorrows. A hero always does, even when it is dim.”

“Take that,” she said, slapping the marker pen into the holder.

She worked with fervor and avoided looking at the board for the next few hours. Then, as she inevitably would, her eyes strayed to the whiteboard. She read it again. She was convinced that whoever had written those words would understand her offensive treatment of them, if they read her response.

She hoped they did.

Then, in retrospect, she chided herself over the fact that she wasn’t the slightest bit worried that someone was coming into her office after hours to write on on the board. Wasn’t that a real problem, invasive, and creepy?

And just who was this mystery writer? And why were they choosing to do such a thing? Was it a secret admirer? Someone who worried that she worked too hard and didn’t mingle with the others at the coffeepot as they discussed the latest gossip?

She made a mental note to watch others as they nodded hello to her as she moved from office to copier or to the mailroom. Anyone who showed a bit too much interest would be suspect.

The time to leave for the day arrived, and she considered wiping the board clean. After all, it was silly to let some nameless, faceless writer make her feel so defensive. But even as her hand clasped the dry eraser cleaner bottle, she changed her mind. Something inside her wanted this person, this writer, to know what she thought about the latest posting.

She considered locking the door, also. That would be a big reply in and of itself. But a perverse sense of empowerment made her leave it unlocked. Let the writer see and know her response. What was the worst that could happen?

She flounced down the hallway, swinging her lunch bag.


That’s it for this week, folks. I hope you are enjoying this little short work of mine. If you want to, share this link with others so they can read it, too. for the first part of The Whiteboard





Mistakes when trying to go it alone

Mistakes happen but I ain’t smiling…

When I first start working on something, I get so ramped up about it that I fly through every stage. It’s hard to make myself slow down and take issue with things that might be going off in a direction that I don’t intend to go. Just one of the mistakes we make when we are trying to go it alone.


This even goes into my work-a-day job. I almost don’t want to ask anyone for help because I am a little bit of a control freak. But when I am flying through a task-list, I could really make a major boo-boo and asking for a second set of eyes would be a great help.

This is not a smart way to be.

HOW MISTAKES HAPPEN (by doing everything YOURSELF)

When I started writing books, I had help with editing, and cover art through my publisher. When I started indie publishing – not so much. I realize now that doing it all is not always a good thing.  Heck, even working on this blog probably needs a helper. I keep it updated, keep posts going, answer comments, and keep the look of it on a level ground. Thank goodness, has made it so simple!

Still, I have spent a ton of time lately, writing blog posts and not as much writing books. And as they say, time is money. I have had people offer do post for me, but honestly, I don’t know them from Adam. My blog is my baby. I would not feel right letting a stranger baby-sit her. But maybe this is just a mistake on my part…one in a whole line of mistakes likely.

But having said that…I am going to ask you guys a question. No wait. Let’s do a poll. I just added a poll widget and am dying to try it out. If you, don’t have enough room to answer, just leave a comment.

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Get with the program!

Where I used to be with the program

I remember my yesterdays when I was in high school or college and I could eat pizza, candy, and drink cokes every single meal and never gain a pound. I went out at night with friends and we danced and we roller-skated and we played tennis at the court at the park. I kept busy, so I guess my body didn’t think about those extra calories.

And now that I work 8-5, sitting in front of a computer all day, I really am in a perfect storm for gaining weight that is terribly unhealthy. So, I am going to make a concerted effort to work out more. My eating habits are still decent. I still eat steamed veggies and yogurt for lunch most days and oatmeal for breakfast. 

But when the workload is heavy, I am not going to move too much from my desk, so my calories just get turned into fat, which is bothering me a lot. 

The other day my friend offered for me to go with her to her gym. She has some sort of membership where she can take a friend along whenever she wants. I need to go. I haven’t gone to a gym in about a year!

Of course, after about 5 minutes of being on an elliptical, I will likely fall out. And if the latest fire drill at the job place is any indication, my leg muscles will scream at me for days afterwards just like they did from going down 8 flights of stairs.


Why I feel this way about a program

I believe things like this are why I keep trying to make additional money from other means. I mean, static salaries are so wonderful because you can be at the gym for hours a day and STILL make an income!

A residual income would enable me to be at home with my family when I am needed. To make all the doctor visits that my hubby needs to go to and give me time to make a few I need to attend to for myself!

How can I do this as a new program?

Yes, I am working on more projects, so I can hopefully earn enough money for my future and I can create the sort of life I really want to live, the way I want to live it.

I’ve decided to start a workout program. I can go with my friend a couple times a week, get on my treadmill at home, and follow a strength training program or yoga program via Youtube the rest of the time

Life Reboot Program!

Part of the life reboot I want is to be able to be fit and strong and hopefully, look and feel better too. I’ve earned a few pennies through my efforts at ebooks, print books, audio books, affiliate sales, and so on, and I believe that if I want to earn more, I have to be healthy enough to go the long haul. No more coming home from the day job and falling asleep on the couch!

I will be sure to keep you posted on my efforts. If you want to follow along, and do a few of the things I intend to do, please feel free. And post up your successes in the comments! We can cheer each other on!

Mid South con – pre-con post

Welcome to all my new fans and followers…
It’s been a grueling week, y’all. I have put in more hours this week doing stuff that I hate to do than any other week this year thus far.

Yep. It’s tax time.

But I also am about to get myself into something fun and writerly.

It’s Mid South Con weekend!

Be sure to check back here next week for my con roundup post with pics and details. If you are going to the con, be sure to check out the writer’s track panels. I will be on some! I am also going to be signing my books at 3 pm on Pro Row on Saturday. Stop by and say hi!

Stop by and say hi!

You can see my pre-con post from last year here :

and from the year before (2014)that here:

I am excited about another con season starting…and the opportunity to visit with my friends. 

Check out Writer Groupie Podcast for the interviews with a bunch of them!