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The Whiteboard part four

Welcome to the latest (fourth) installment of The Whiteboard. This story has been keeping me company for weeks now. I am sort of liking the fact that I can just write about 500 words on it (equivalent of 2  pages or so) and let that be the writing for the day. A writer writes. So, I am. I hope you are enjoying this little tale. (I actually do have an ending!)

Here are the three previous links to parts one, two, and three.

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The Whiteboard by Kim Smith ©2017


She was disappointed in Beatrice’s reply. Her co-worker hadn’t seen anyone coming or going in Anne’s office, except Anne. This was met with a bit more dismay than Anne wanted to admit.

She walked up to the board and wrote in her boldest hand, “Who ARE you?”

“I’ll play for one more day,” she said, aloud. Then, she gathered her things to go home. When she touched the doorknob, she considered locking it. What was going to be learned from someone who snuck into her office and played games, anyway?

Finally, she left it unlocked. One more day, she told herself. Then it’s going to be locked up tight.

As she headed toward the elevator, she remembered an 8:30 a.m. meeting on Thursday that she would be having in her office. The writer had better be prepared to divulge their identity and get out quickly or face a few others crowded into her small office to be a new and less attentive audience.

She forced herself to breathe in and out and smile inwardly. Nothing to be done about this business now. There was a well-dressed man on the elevator when she got on. She had never seen him before, but that wasn’t all that remarkable. She didn’t know everyone person on every floor of the massive office complex.

He allowed her to exit before him, as a well-bred man should do. At least, in her opinion. Not that she was an authority or anything . She didn’t even have brothers or uncles and her father had never been home long, preferring to work two jobs and long hours.

She was something like him, she supposed.

When Anne reached her car, she looked up at the building where she spent so much of her time. She couldn’t see her office from this vantagepoint, but she knew where it was. Her life seemed wrapped up in that one place. Now someone was invading her space. It was enough to make her frown as she clicked the button to open her car doors.

When she sat inside, she could see the writing on her windshield, in the dust of the pollen that had begun to collect everywhere thanks to the abundance of trees around the garage.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” it said in the perfect handwriting she’d already come to recognize.

A drip of cold fear gripped her. What did that even mean? How did the writer know her car? This meant the writer KNEW her and her habits. Should she take this to the authorities? Was it harmless or dangerous. She sat there a long time before finally turning on the washer and wipers, obliterating the writing from her view.

“Take that, you weirdo,” she said, putting her seat belt on.


I hope you enjoyed this fourth installment! More to come! Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think…




Writing a novel first draft via Nanowrimo

Some of us have already ended Nanowrimo, and some of us are about to do so with the close of November.


No matter if you have succeeded with the 50,000 words or not, we all have gotten SOMETHING on our work accomplished and isn’t that the whole purpose?

This post is for those who are now holding that precious first draft. Rock on, you writer, you!


I made my own story a nemesis this month by writing something from the seat of my pants, no outline, no idea what it would be. And it is a very important book in my series. A pivotal book, in fact. Bad idea.

I did a little brainstorming before Nano started. But only a little. With no idea of how I would accomplish all the big things I had to put into this story, well, let me just say, this is the WRONG way to go about penning a Nano book.

I also decided to fluff up a subplot from the last book and make it the main idea for this one, and that makes turning it into a mystery difficult. The silly thing wants to read like romantic suspense! There are points that mystery books have to hit, and this one wasn’t behaving.

The difference between writing a thriller/suspense and a mystery is:

In a thriller/suspense, the characters race against a crime about to happen.

In a mystery, the crime has already happened and the characters have to figure out whodunnit.

In this book, it is almost like I am writing both, and Shannon and Sal’s romance wants attention as well, so shoot-fire, who knows what will happen?

So, on about first draft writing- here are a few things to note:

Write your back cover blurb

Writing the back cover blurb helps you solidify main story elements. 

Shannon has to find a list of missing items in order to know whether the trust left to her is still worth the money her lawyer says it is. Before she can attack the attic, she has to talk to her aunt Nan and aunt Tillie. But something strange is going on at Tillie’s Home Cookin’—IT’S GOOOOD! and Shannon suffers a near miss. Could someone have painted a target on her aunts’ backs? As Shannon delves into the past, she uncovers the present, in all of its dangerous, and funny costumes.

What questions did you consider from this?

From the back cover blurb, a reader begins to form questions about the story inside the covers.

  1. What are the missing items?
  2. How much money is Shannon’s trust?
  3. What is going on at the restaurant?
  4. What near miss happens?
  5. What does Shannon find out about the past?

This is a pretty slim list, and your will likely be deeper and better thought out. But from such a list, you as the writer can begin to create chapters and scenes. This would be very helpful if you need some structure to your Nano book.

The items listed above got me about 20,000 words into my current WIP.  There are many more items to be considered of course, but this was a great beginning.


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sunday roundup

October Sunday Round up

Welcome to October! I have put on the Halloween theme for this week…and it will change week to week through October because I am so undecided as to which one I like best. Just so you know, this is a fun time on the blog, and I am willing to let some of the features onboard go lacking for a month. So, if you don’t see widgets, and contact forms, sign up forms, etc. it’s all in the fun-ness of October.

Now, on to the news.

I have not been lounging around, you guys. I am currently busily assessing the survey results so far. I am a little disappointed in the response. COME ON PEOPLE. If you don’t input your thoughts and so forth, I will just have to go on my gut. And if you know me, you know that is likely NOT a good thing.

To those of you who HAVE participated, thank you. Your input is noted.

I have also created a great little video to introduce my site, and that will be coming soon-first on the blog-then on the start page-and ultimately will reside permanently on the about me page. I noticed a lot of bloggers did it and well, I can never resist a challenge. Well, except the jump-off-the-roof-into-the-snowbank challenge. I did opt NOT to do that one.

I have gotten a little writing done this weekend, (mostly editing) and am very glad for the opportunity to just relax indoors. This strange cold, drizzly weather has been pretty good for sitting inside and working on inside things. Like my blog, website, videos etc.

This week on the blog I will have Episode 37 of the podcast (with video) for my interview with the King Twins. Margaret and Kat come back on to talk about the three new books they have turned out, their rapping careers, and hopes for the future. Be sure to check it out on Tuesday on Writer Groupie at all the usual locations.

I will also be doing a blog post this week about procrastination, and how it is not something we want to languish over, but instead, give tips on how to beat that old lay-a-bed attitude. Other items up for the site … a post about Twitter retweet groups, things NOT to do on Twitter, and more Twitter interesting factoids.

So, that’s about it for my first October Sunday round up everyone, I hope you have a lovely and prosperous week ahead. Oh, and GO VIKINGS!!!

What does my reader want?

Botella con mensaje en la playa

Several things have become glaringly apparent this weekend so far as How to Write is concerned. I guess whenever anyone embarks on such an auspicious endeavor, one must not get overly involved in the stuff behind the scenes. Well, I have. Deeply, truly, madly involved. But it’s all for my reader.

It is because I care. I do not want to be a big fat failure, and have you scratching your head wondering what the heck I am talking about. But then too, I do not want anyone who is a little more advanced falling asleep as we dig into the basic stuff.

It is truly a balancing act, folks.

So if you would be so kind as to post in the comments below what exactly you would like to know during this series, then I can make sure to answer questions effectively, and cover subjects in a more detail-oriented fashion. My reader is critical to this little series.

Come on you guys, I am doing this for YOU.

If you want to know how to make a plot board, I will make a video for you, (lol, I already bought the tri-fold!) — if you want to know how to create a character or world-build, or any of that stuff, I am here for you. That is what this little series is about. You ask questions, and I answer. And then I write. A lot.

So don’t feel like you will just sludge along behind me listening to my diatribe about writing. This will be much more fun if you are involved! I know there are some readers out there who are feeling shy and feel like your questions will be dumb ones. Well, stop. It is true that no question is a dumb one. It may be the very one someone else wanted to ask but was too shy. Yeah, there will be someone in the group who is MORE shy than you!

So, I will post the first How to Write post on July 1, and I hope you will check it out.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can be sure to get the notice about new posts!

Event today: Author Rodeo Roundup

Today is one of my events listed on the events page, the Author Rodeo Roundup, and I am pretty excited about it. I love live events where I get to meet other readers and writers and published authors and such.  There is no better feeling than being in front of a crowd of rapt listeners. If you have been following my blog, you know that I have interviewed a couple of the guests who will be there. I am really excited to be able to meet them as well.

Today’s fun will be at the R C Pugh Library on the lovely campus of Northwest Mississippi Community College in Senatobia, MS.

Isn’t the Author Rodeo Roundup icon cool?

author rodeo roundup

So, if you like writing, reading, books, or other related stuff, please come out today (and crossing fingers for good weather!) from  2-4 PM to be a part of this annual event. It is my first time to be a part of it, and I am going to be a panelist. I have a lot to say *grin*.

At Author Rodeo Roundup I will also be signing my book, An Unexpected Performance, and will have some fun handouts, so as they say down here, “ya’ll come”!


Kim Smith is an author-entrepreneur and speaker as well as the hostess of the wildly popular podcast, Writer Groupie.