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Weekly links: Mixed bag of goodies

Good morning, lovelies! It’s a mixed bag for links this week. There is some stuff about Valentines Day (sorry, I know it’s over) and there is some stuff about blogs, stuff about technology, etc. It’s just fun to click a link and magically get transported to someone’s blog and see what they are talking about, isn’t it?

I am going to try to get a real blog post up here soon. I have a lot to share, but just no time to share it!

I also hope to be updating the website soon, so be sure to look for new stuff coming soon.

Speaking of bags, is anyone packing theirs to come to Mid South Con next month? Yes, I know. It’s already mid-February!


The Book Designer 

The Passive Voice


Self Publishing Advice


Plot to Punctuation


That’s it today, folks. I hope your week flies right by!



Linky List: Romance Writers

I know it is not February yet, but I am always ahead of the curve, right? This week, I have a list of romance authors’ blogs for you. These authors write romance in all heat levels, so be sure to pay attention to anything on their site that says “WARNING”.  Many of these wonderful creators are friends of mine, or I have met and spoken with in person. You can trust them to tell a good tale.

There are more romance writers than any other genre in the world today, and this has been the norm for a long time. If you are a romance reader, perhaps you would like to check out some new authors?

Romance List

Jen Anderson

Angela Kay Austin

Elizabeth Bevarly

Candace Camp

Linda Rettstatt

Kristi Rose

Rebecca York

Happy reading! Maybe next week I will have a real post about something. January has been crazy busy.


Weekly Links: Writer-pa-looza

Weekly Links

This week is a holiday week, and I am very busy with family and food. That is a very nice change for me from the daily doldrums. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and remember to spend time sitting in nature, meditating on your blessings this week.

I chose from a variety of sites this week, and tried to include everything I thought might be applicable to a writer of all stages. 


From a Twitter friend, @RicardoFayet here is a link :

Writing in Third Person vs Omniscient vs- third person limited

and thanks so much Ricardo for sharing!

Your Weekly Links:

Social Media Examiner – Facebook Corrects Over Reported Organic Reach

Anne R. Allen’s Blog – What’s your novel genre?

Writer’s Win – 128 words writers can use instead of very

Live Write Thrive – Want to be a writer? Don’t neglect this!

The Book Designer – Is your plan for success “I Just Want To Write My Books”?

The Kill Zone – Showing and Telling For Thanksgiving

Writers Helping Writers – Character Motivation Entry: Obtaining Shelter from the Elements

Jane Friedman – Gifts for Writers: Tech Savvy

Jami Gold – Too many demands? Find balance

If you have any links that you want to put in my weekly links post, be sure to hunt me up at my social media sites or drop a contact form like this one: 


Schooled in Murder is available for preorder!


It’s Release Day! (for PREORDER!)

Schooled in Murder is now available in your favorite Amazon store!



If you didn’t read the excerpt – you can go here to do that NOW

What is a plot bunny and why does Kim have one?

I woke up with this idea:

Wow…it’s Friday already???? 

Just kidding. I woke up thinking about my next book. And before I get off on that idea explanation, let me say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I checked my numbers and I was AMAZED at how many downloads we ended up from Disk of Death. I also wanted to say a SPECIAL thank you to those who have reviewed it. I am so grateful for you!

For those who haven’t been following, we have had over 5000 downloads, and that is in ALL the territories and countries that Amazon offers from Brazil to America. SO excited! Disk of Death is now an INTERNATIONAL book.

Now about that plot bunny…

So – I am so busy these days prepping for book three’s release,  I have lost track of time. I am not sorry about that because it is ultimately going to be for your benefit *smile* – the thing is…I have found a sub-plot for book three that refuses to be ignored. 

This dilemma might make a plot bunny owner out of me yet!

What is a plot bunny?

Well, it’s an idea that won’t go away, and like a real bunny, subject to birth many more.


This means I have gone off on a tangent and had to incorporate things into the story that will be important and carried over into book four.  And, I might add, likely will become a major plot-line that will come to fruition in book five. 

It’s so much fun!

But I am trying to be a better plotter for this. I checked out the Snowflake Method and I think that might work for me for this purpose. (It gets pretty hairy once you get along about step 6 – but I think it’s doable). The only problem is, it takes time to plot out the story. I am in a rush! I want you to have it NOW. Sigh. So, do I keep rewriting the way I want to do, or do I stop and plot them out? I am thinking stopping will be the best thing, but I really hate to keep you all waiting.

Such a great problem to have!

I just want to reiterate to my readers, if you are NOT a Zanie yet, (aka a newsletter subscriber) you REALLLLLLLLLLY should. I am going to be revealing the cover, and the release date for book three to the Zanies soon. They get everything first.

The cover for book three is SO cute. Almost as cute as In the Shadows, my Halloween read featuring Shannon and Dwayne. It’s out now and you can get it here : – and it is only 99 cents so … you can’t lose!)

So, I am curious what other writers do about this situation. I mean, I have held this book up already longer than intended, but I am glad I did. If I had released it earlier this month, I would never have had time to include this new twist.

Sometimes you just don’t know what is right. 

So, what do you do?