A1 Author’s Assistant

A1 Author’s Assistant


In this ever-changing world of self-publishing, indie publishing, and traditional publishing, authors are inundated with things that take their time away from writing. And isn’t writing what you really want to do? So I decided to offer a sort of virtual assistant opportunity, called A1 Author’s Assistant, here on my site. Below is a list of things that I can do for you for a nominal fee. It is not a complete list, and if you have something you need to hire an assistant to do, contact me to see if I can do it. I promise to give it 100%. Everything listed can be done for you a la carte, or bundle a bunch together and create a project. It’s up to you!


Book Creation Assistance

  • Interior formatting for ebook
  • Interior formatting for print book
  • Basic book cover design for ebook – see our new page for cover art here
  • Basic book cover design for print book

Note: Fiction only, please – NO TEXT EDITING DONE – but I can make a recommendation to you for a good editor/proofreader.

Website Design Services (WordPress sites only)

  • Website design consultation
  • Registering domain
  • Researching hosting company/acquiring hosting
  • Researching blog themes, locating theme for client/installing theme
  • Create banner/logo for website
  • Create newsletter for website/email list
  • Install plugins for capturing subscribers to email list/newsletter

Note: Free sites such as Weebly, Blogger, or WordPress.com do not really require assistance, but I will be happy to quote an a la carte price for such, if requested.

Author/Book Promotion Services and Assistance

  • Create Amazon Author Page including, book covers, book trailers, and links to blog, website, Facebook, Twitter accounts.
  • Create Facebook Fan Page
  • Create cover image for Facebook fan page
  • Update Twitter site to include book cover art or headshot
  • Create auto postings for Facebook/Twitter
  • Contact blog hosts for blog tours/book launch/cover reveal
  • Consult with designers on book covers, if my services were not required, but author needs someone to do the email/phone calls
  • Create bookmarks, postcards, business cards, etc. through my own software or through a third party such as Vistaprint etc.
  • Set up social media campaigns/book giveaways: ie. Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads etc.
  • Create blog post for guest posting or on your blog
  • Contact podcast hosts for booking
  • Transcribe audio interviews into text for blog posts

NOTE:Just a sampling of items I can do for you to free you up to write!

Audio/Video Production Services

  • Create book trailers using your pre-selected images and chosen text
  • Create MP3 for website of an audio interview
  • Upload audiobook chapter(s) for promotions
  • Edit video for other needs

NOTE: For video editing, or anything using your video we need your FTP site, Dropbox info, or Cloud account info in order to send these large files back and forth.


Prices may vary depending on need and availability.

Clients can purchase blocks of hours to be used as needed.

All pricing payable via Paypal

I look forward to being your A1 Author’s Assistant!


Contact me for pricing and questions :

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