What do you think is the top three reasons that readers quit reading your blog or blog post? What are the top three reasons you stop reading? The same reason applies to everyone who surfs blogs. Check out this post and see if my reasons are your reasons.

Now, bear with me while I get to the point of this post, which is to show you the top three reasons people quit reading the blog post you worked so hard to create.

I will start first with the most interesting reason I found.

People will quit reading your post if:


How is that for interesting? I try to include at least one in the post and a featured image for the post. 


What is the third most popular reason people will quit reading your post?

They only get a tidbit of an idea of what it is about from your snippet

Now I know I have been bad about this. I am trying to be intriguing but maybe I am being annoying instead? You guys should tell me this stuff!

The number two reason for blog reading cessation is: 

The blog hasn’t been updated in forever.

That would do it for me and has many, many times. I simply click off if the post is not relevant or has an outdated date (like 2013-hello? anyone home? goodbye!)

And now for the number one reason people quit reading your post and very likely will unsub from your blog completely….


Too many blog posts.

Yes, too many. And I totally am guilty of this. I went through a sort of manic period recently and blogged every day for like a month. It was exhausting for me and caused me to lose readers I am sure. My sincerest apologies. If you will be so kind as to share my blog with others I promise to be more mindful of your time.

The good thing that will come from that much blogging is: you can get a book out of those posts if they are focused and solid content.

So, there you have it. The top three reasons people quit reading your blog.

DO you have other reasons? What are they?



Everyone can have a blog business-here’s how

Everywhere you look  everyone has a website with a blog. Authors have them, real estate agents have them, heck, even mommy types have them. But what is it about blogs that’s still working in this heavy-duty noise-rich Internet? 

 Surfing is at a low these days. Everyone is using their apps and social media sites to get their info. The highest surfed sites are those shopping sites where everyone wants to buy something.

So, once again, we are asking the question…what can I do to get more traffic to my blog? 

Well, it depends on why you are blogging. 

If you are just doing the blogging thing to have a place to put your personal thoughts and opinions, you can skip reading any further. 

If you are trying to get more traffic, gain more interest in your platform, have more readers to your work, then…here lies a list for you…

For the ones who want to have a blog as a business

  1. Get authority about your item of interest. If you are a writer…ya gotta have some books out there. If you are a health and fitness person, you better be a product of your product.
  2. Monetize your blog and get $$ out of it. This will also build your authority. Try Google adsense if you are just getting started and make it really work for you.

Ways to make a blog into a business

  1. Write books. This makes you an authority on the subject matter you want to have your blog to be about. It also is a separate but important part of the business because it builds in income that you only have to do the work for once.
  2. Turn your ebook into a print book and/or an audio book. There is a huge market for all types of content methods there days. 
  3. Create a membership site or a Facebook group around the theme of your blog. Develop relationships with people with your particular bent.
  4. Sell courses. If you are an authority in your subject, you can TEACH others how to do what you are doing. Courses and webinars are all the rage these days.
  5. Be a consultant or coach on your subject. Everyone wants someone to be in their corner when it comes to things that they are trying to accomplish in life. You may be the very one person to help them achieve their goals.
  6. Say you are a crafty person…you don’t have a service, you have a product. No problem. SELL SELL SELL. There are a ton of sites that sell items – especially handmade. This is a great way to turn your fav blog topics into cash!

The list goes on. I hope this has helped you think about how you can turn your blog into a piggy bank.

If you have a blog that you want to see made into a business, share the link below!




If you knew you were coming up to the end of your life, what would be the last few things that you’d do?  Your THING list?

thing list

I don’t know what I would do, when it gets down to it. It would be nice if those things were something that mattered. Things that would leave a legacy. And, I sure do have a long list of things that I want to do. Yeah. Like Santa’s list. LOOOOONG.

Most people when they get to the last years of their life seem to only be able to consider very few things to accomplish. I guess there is less stress if the list is short. It has to be because the time runs short. But we could make a long list of those items that we want to see done and only make sure it was stuff that would matter to our left-behinds and the world at large.   

Now here’s an idea: What if we decided to hit that long list NOW instead of THEN?

See, waiting until the end of our days to accomplish that last most important “thing” list is not smart. There isn’t enough time. There isn’t any energy. And well, we will be busy remembering the things we did, not actively seeking out new things to do.  

This “thing” list needs to really be big stuff. IMPORTANT stuff.  It should point someone to something bigger, more impacting, longer lasting, and frankly, more interesting than my measly life. What about making it full of hope, love, and happiness? What if it made people think, really think, and ask questions about big ticket stuff, like the meaning of life?

Another boulder in the road of doing that “thing” list in the last days is, if you fail at it, well you are just a failure. Try try again won’t happen. No way you can repair the broken things, and try to make them work. And finding creativity is harder with every new year. Believe me, I know this one. Some of us run short on funds to put forth for new ventures also. Those last items on the old bucket list, if we do it right, should be LOUD and clanging and make people take note. Hard to do that when our bodies and minds and voices are in the waning era of life.  

So, what is to be done? Start now. Start today. Make that “thing” list and get busy. Quit telling yourself that you will do that “thing” when you have enough money, retire, the kids move away, get married, get divorced, lose ten pounds, etc. STOP stop stop. The time is now. The world needs your input. 

So do I. 

What would you put in your “thing” list?

The inside look at why I like to blog

I sure like to blog. But guess what? My blog traffic has flatlined. The number of daily/monthly visitors has gone off since February. For someone whose best trait is “versatility,” this is troublesome. My thoughts turn to, What am I doing wrong?


The truth is that I like starting things. Like getting into Girl Scouts when I was a kid. I started it. But I quit early. Too much participation. And I like growing things. I love to see things get bigger and better. But that leads to the problem here. I don’t like sustaining things. It’s just how I am cabled. If the figures aren’t going in an upward curve I get disappointed and can lose interest.

Plainly this has made me examine why I am blogging.

In the past I have posted, that I blog for five reasons:

  1. To raise my books’ visibility
  2. To elucidate on my writing vision
  3. To make relationships with people 
  4. To be alert to trends and topics I am interested in
  5. To mentor the latest group of aspiring writers

But, the more I think about this, I realize these are really perks of blogging, not necessarily reasons for doing it.

I blog so that I can examine my thinking and develop my best ideas. In short, I blog for myself. (But I’m glad you are here!)

In truth, it shouldn’t make any difference whether I have ten readers or 10,000. If I’m writing, I’m thinking about my life, my work, and what matters most. That’s good enough. And more than some people have.

Occasionally , I get tired and think about giving up blogging altogether. But to do so would be to give in to laziness. So I usually double down on my efforts. Re-designing my blogging goals re-energizes me. Sometimes re-designing my entire blog.

So, for now, I’m going to quit looking at my blog stats and just write. If I do that regularly, I’ll achieve my goal, whether or not my traffic is growing.

Questions: What is your reason for blogging? If you have trouble being consistent, why is that?

Exercise, like writing, needs strategy

I FEEL YOU-I need a strategy


Some days, I feel like I am in over my head—pushing to make my ability to write sync up with my former and present success, while still working a full-time job, creating time for exercise, and my husband and family, and spending time with other writers. For years, it has been a struggle to stop the insanity. My multi-tasking-ever-busy-lifestyle has been the reason my health took a backseat and why I have not seen some of my best friends in far too many years. I need a strategy.

As I am contemplating the end of a long and illustrious career, and the hope of being an authorpreneur in the retirement era of my life, I am seeing that there is never enough time. Getting more done the smart way (work smarter, not harder) is becoming a new mantra in my life. It is important to get everything done, always, but sometimes, you have to choose to get the RIGHT things done and let the rest go.


Today, I am a regular blogger and podcaster. My blog gets almost 3200 visits a month. My podcast, Writer Groupie gets more than 80 hours of view time a month. I am also one of the founders of Murder by 4, an online writer’s site that has been getting Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites awards since the early 2000s.

I am also a speaker and the author of eleven books and short stories, including my newest, Yew to a Kill. It’s the second book in my mystery series featuring Shannon Wallace.

I am the founder and CEO of VideoVision Entertainment. We are a solo-preneur company, videotaping events, training, and theater performance for high schools.

I am busy.


And until just a few weeks ago, I didn’t exercise with any regularity. I didn’t like to sweat. 

 Besides, I thought, I walk a lot at work and I’m always busy moving around doing something. But that’s not the same as exercise, as any physician will tell you.

My friend, Susan, on the other hand, has had a gym membership for a long time. Periodically, she invites me to go with her. I would always find an excuse (as I said, I am busy!) and keep doing what I was doing, ignoring the obvious damage I was doing to my body.

Recently Susan talked me into going to her gym. I had simply run out of excuses and suspected she was onto something with all the exercise. A looming doctor’s appointment also pushed me forward into that mysterious place with all the equipment. 

It  wasn’t terrible. In fact, I felt really good after it was over. I sweated. It wasn’t deadly. And no one ogled my fat butt. No one paid me any attention at all anyway. To say it was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement. 

I am a convert. I think I found a strategy.convert

And I am ready to change my life. Create a new habit. Make exercise a part of my daily life. But statistics say that the lazy lifestyle we enjoy in this country works against me and my chances of success are slim unless I do a few things.

Here is a list of FIVE things I can do to change my lifestyle and make a new habit: (this will work for you too!)

  1. Go on and get that doctor appointment out of the way – it will likely be a bad one, given that my life has been one of lazy contentment. I am steeling myself for it, and planning to make my doc my advocate and get info from him to make this a true lifestyle change
  2. Get an accountability partner. Susan is now my accountability partner with exercise. I have other accountability partners for other facets of my life, like my mastermind group. The need to have someone to keep me accountable is critical. They don’t need to be a Dementor about it though. Love and encouragement go a long way.
  3. Develop a schedule. We often think of scheduling as something negotiable. However, it shouldn’t be. Schedules are critical and I should pay attention to it. A schedule will help me maintain a regular regime. Something about that red circle on the calendar speaks to my laziness. I will commit to the action I want to perform.
  4. Track my progress. I’m one of those people who is encouraged by progress. I am motivated by successes, and I like to see physical change. This is true with my writing and why I am a word count nerd. It measures the space between my beginning goal and my ending accomplishment and gives me an overall snapshot of my success. Seeing that flab disappear will mean a lot. Writing down my successes and keeping track of it will go a long way toward keeping me motivated to do what I have to do.
  5. Envision the final result. It helps me to look ahead to the healthier me. If I don’t change, where will I be in six months when going back to my doctor looms again? If I do change, what will be the benefits? My mental picture of a healthier, slimmer, more lively me sure helped. Try it!

Being persistent, and focused, will get me a long way down the road. It will be that way for you too. You just have to take that first step.

What is one thing you want to accomplish that you hope to make a lifetime habit?